Sunday, May 3, 2009

My CVS Shopping Trip

Great CVS trip morning! This time, I went after Church. And the kids went to the beach with Daddy for a quick fishing trip. (The beach is only a minute away from CVS!) I munched on a (free) granola bar before shopping for extra energy. And it paid off!

All-in-all, I paid $9.37 out of pocket, since I used EBT to pay for the food. When buying food with EBT, I still get extra care bucks (ECB). I use the ECB to pay for non-food items. That’s how I got Aveeno for so cheap.

Without EBT, my total is $32.86. Cost without any coupons or savings is $119.86. With $4 ECB for later, I really only paid $5.37. That’s 96% savings! I only need $3 for the
Swiffer Refill Rebate. When I get $5 back from that, the cost of this trip would only be… $0.37!!!

Transaction 1:

Was supposed to pay $20.50
Ended up paying
Still got $15 ECB back

*$1 coupons on the box were expired! So I couldn't use them. That's ok. These sodas would be nice to bring to BBQ's and picnics.

Transaction 2:

Was supposed to pay only tax,
Ended up paying
Still got $10 ECB

*I found no Aveeno coupons in the newspaper; the small lotion was $3.49 so I only needed one. My out of pocket was cheaper than the small lotion!

Transaction 3:

Was supposed to pay $1.97 plus tax
Ended up paying $0.80
Got $9 ECB from Addidas

*Addidas deodorants had $1 on them, I bought 3. No more $1.25 deodorants. I did get one last week. Also got 2- 24ct CVS Ibuprofen on sale BOGO. And I had $1.50 off CVS brand pain medicine.

Transaction 4:

I had to buy the rest in another transaction.
Ended up paying $6.31
Got $4 ECB

*Besides Colgate and Swiffer, I also got 2 Listerine Total Care, $3.49 each, used $4 in coupons

To learn more about the CVS shopping strategies, deals, and just about being frugal, go to Money Saving Mom.

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