Thursday, May 28, 2009

$10 Total Money Makeover Book

Dave Ramsey's online store has great $10 offers, with FREE shipping for orders $65 and over. I learned about this somewhere but I can't remember which blog! Included are the hardcover edition of Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace Jr. For Kids. I highly recommend reading the Money book. It's an in-your-face guide but chockful of testimonies to encourage your journey. Frankly, this book is what got my husband and I on the same page with our finances. And we don't do the cash envelope system (we only need like 3 envelopes). But we have a whole new perspective on spending and saving. The kids' kit has lots of stuff like a calculator, magnets, coin case besides the manual and CD. It's for ages 3-12. These would be great gifts too as well as the Money book.

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