Monday, December 31, 2012

My Target Haul- 70% off Christmas Clearance

Obsessed? A little, maybe. Or I can just blame it on the full moon.

Last night at 9pm, I ran into Target as an employee met me at the door. I told her I would be fast, just a couple of minutes. But she said no. They were closed at 9pm Sundays. I asked her if the Christmas clearance was 70% off and she said yes. On the way home, I almost cried. Sad, so sad. 

It wasn't until this evening that I made it back there. Yes, it was pretty much picked over. Not pictured was the last remaining $1.80 multipack wrapping paper, Pez packs for $0.59 for next year, Dollar Spot items for $0.30 (yo-yo, glow sticks and calendar). Only $2.24 for DD coffee, $1.49 spy gear and knee high socks, $2.94 for Batman figure, $0.30 canular tube of Skittles and $02.29 bath poof.

It turned out for the best. The kids brought their own Christmas money and got items they wanted like Batman figures and fancy ear muffs and glittery hair clips. Plenty of bath items and Elf nail polish left for as little as $0.59 which I resisted buying. Good thing too because my total came out to $29.30, just shy of the $30 budget.

When it hits 70% for the candy in a couple of days, I will go back to get some for Easter baskets. By then, the toys should also be 50% (only 30% off tonight).

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