Monday, December 10, 2012

Super Cheap Deal on Christmas Cards at CVS!

CVS has another Hallmark card deal:

Buy 3 Hallmark cards $1.99+ = $3 Ecb (limit 1)

I've done this deal a couple times and it also works for $0.99 cards like giftcard holders or Christmas cards. So buy 3 for $2.98 get $3 ECBs. For even more savings, there is also a $3 off 3 cards CVS coupon. They are good for any type of card, like birthday or thank you cards.

BUY 3 cards, $2.98
Use $3 off 3 CVS coupon (they will price adjust to $2.98)
=FREE + $3 ECBs

A while ago, there was also a coupon for $2 off 3 cards, but's it's gone now. If you happen to have it, that's a $5 moneymaker! Which is perfect for me because I also need to pick up eggs and milk at CVS. It would be nice to also get these for free!

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