Saturday, April 23, 2011

Make Money on Money!

I take some deals for granted. Then my husband got excited and told me it's cool to save money on money. I was like, huh? Never occured to me but, he's right. Credit cards take our money, and doing this deal is one up on them.

First Transaction
Buy $50 American Express card at Publix
Pay $4.95 for activation
Use $10 off coupon in the weekly ad
Use $5 off $25 off Apple Market coupon
= Pay only $39.95 for a $50 gift card!

Second Transaction
Buy $5 worth of Hallmark cards
Buy $50 Shell gas card
Use $5 off $5 Hallmark coupon in weekly ad*
(must buy $25 min gift card NOT Publix or AmEx)
Use $5 off $25 off Apple Market coupon
= Pay $45 BUT use the AmEx card to pay

I still have $5 left on the AmEx card. So instead of $50 for the Shell card, it's really only $35, with the leftover money into account.

Publix has coupons for $10 off $50 American Express cards all the time. So even though this deal ends today, you can get it again next time. My computer died after this video was taken, otherwise it would have been up sooner!


  1. It good to see you back on blog!
    by the way,I never have used the apple market coupon at publix...will you tell me what store does take in pensacola???

    Hope you all have a wonderful Easter. ;D


  2. Perdido & Mobile Hwy Publix both take it. Pine Forest might also. I would call and ask. We never know how long they'll allow us to use them!


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