Friday, April 8, 2011

FREE Toiletries at CVS

All except for the Doritos ($6 for 3 after ECBs) were FREE this week at CVS. I went Sunday afternoon and most of the Gum flossers were already gone! So if you still plan to go tomorrow (last day) and they've run out on any deals, grab a raincheck. Everything here plus the contact lens solution and two newspapers would have cost $38 BUT with coupons from last Sunday's paper (I clipped them right at the store), $3 Quarterly Bucks, and ECBs from last week that I rolled over this week, of course I didn't pay that much. Instead my total was $5 after all the ECBs I got back. My wallet and teeth are very happy! For a listing of deals, visit and (freebies and best deals are written in red).

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