Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Minute Target Shopping

I thought of a couple more last-minute gifts to get so I hurried over to Target. The lines were pretty short. Maybe people fled Pensacola for better cities for Thanksgiving. Anywhoo, there were still lots and lots of toys and items for Thanksgiving. These finds are courtesy of Totally Target. Many of these items should still be on sale through Saturday, at least.

Skippy Natural, $1.93 (-$0.75/2 Target Q)
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, $1.50 (-0.40 man Q)
Maxwell House Int'l Coffee, $3.04 (-$2/2 Target Q, -$1 man Q)
Jello Pudding, $0.77 or $0.99 (-$0.50/2 Target Q, -$1.25/3 from Kraft booklet)
Keebler Chocolate Chip cookies, $1.99 (-$1/1 man q)
Mrs. Smith $3.41 (free Cool-Whip w/ purchase)
Cool Whip, $0.89 (-$1/2 man Q, -$0.50/2 Target Q)
Stove Top, $0.79 (-0.50/2 Target Q)

My total was around $26 but I got a $5 Gift Card from the Smart Ones.
Smart Ones dinners, $1.99 each*
*(-$4/10 Target, $4/10 Man Q, $5 GC wyb 10- these expire in a couple of days and I don't remember the links for the other 2 Qs. They come out to $0.69 each after Qs & GC)

My kids will have gift exchange soon so I decided to grab another Rapunzel. They were only $6 for the bigger one and $3.44 for the mini-version. The two Sorry games gave me $2 in overage using the $5 Qs inside the package. The Ladybug Game is for friends and was only $6 after 50% off Q. The total came out to $8.44 for some great Christmas presents. I also bought 3 pairs of pajama shorts, 2 undies, and a henley long-sleeved shirt for $2 using two $10/3 Target qs.

Mini-dolls make great cake toppers. After seeing this Tangled Theme Cake, I had to get that mini-Rapunzel doll. Jessica at Life As Mom makes cakes with the best decor! Check out her tutorial- it's so simple!
On a side note, at Target I saw this lady who came up to me and asked me if I was a blogger. It surprised me that someone would even recognize me. She told me how she had gotten out of the habit of couponing for some reason in the summertime. I tried to encourage her, but it didn't seem to be any use. It's makes me so sad to hear of a die-hard couponer who can't seem to get back into the swing of things.

So this Thanksgiving, I'd like to encourage you to keep on going, even if it's just one or two deals a week. Pair up with someone who has time and experience and go shopping with them. Remember women do things better together- clothes shopping, Bible study, cooking. Why not grocery shopping? It's a lot more fun with a buddy system!

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