Monday, November 29, 2010

FREE Bible Study at East Brent

Well, this is a great bargain if you ask me! Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is an international, nondenominational Bible Study. Classes are 9am-11am Weds at East Brent Baptist (near the Home Depot by at the Cordova Mall area). This Weds, Dec 1 is the intro class. There's an intro class every First Weds of the month. This class is also for women only.

A young children's program is available for children 6 and younger. I was blessed to help out in the infant nursery this past Weds. Not only did they sing hymns while rocking the babies, but they also taught them sign language words and a memory verse! I was so impressed about how much care they gave these little crawlers and walkers.

If you live in another city, there might be Men's and Children's classes (1st grade and up) in your area. It's great if they do because you get to study the same passages in Scripture together as a family! Plus it is all FREE. They provide all the study materials so you don't need to buy a book!

I am really enjoying this study of Isaiah we are doing. It's causing me to dive into the Word and learn so much about things that apply to our modern times. I hope you can check it out too!

BSF at East Brent Baptist Church
9am-11am Wednesdays
Childcare provided
Intro class every First Weds (no childcare until you are registered)

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