Monday, October 25, 2010

Make It Work! Monday

Some toys and clothes on sale for 50-75% off at Target. My kiddos love "The Last Airbender" tv show. I found the smaller toy for $1.98 (from $7.99) and the bigger one for $4.98. The T-shirt was 50% off for $4.98, great price for character shirts!

$1.98 & $4.98


I went ahead and wrapped them for Christmas. Our son just had his 6th birthday. When we wrapped his presents, we only had Cars "Happy Holidays" paper and he didn't even notice. We also ran out of tape and had to glue the presents shut. If you ever have to make do with glue- use liquid not the stick! Of course, he didn't notice that either. We still have enough wrapper left for Christmas, and I did find more tape!

What didn't work out for me today was Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers. The Mediterranean flavor is awful. My palate was so confused, I could only take a couple bites. I had to resort to Hungry Man dinner. These were free with overage last week, I think. Everything below cost only $11 after coupons.

The Perdido store let me use $2 of expired Publix coupons! That might a one-time merciful act.

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