Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grocery Deals Sept 29-Oct 5

I was so excited to see Publix deals until I realized I didn't have the coupons for those deals. BUT suprisingly real food is cheap this week at Food World. That's the store with loss leader I rely on for deals on meats and veggies. Sometimes it's nice to buy simple things like ground beef and potatoes, stuff you know coupons are not needed but is still a great bargain.

If you do Publix shop this week, don't forget to buy the Weds paper: Use $5 off $50 Apple Market coupon found on the FOOD section. They accept it at Mobile Hwy Publix and most others. Also, I've used the Target $1 bakery Q to get $0.19 French bread at Publix. Not surprisingly, I've had trouble using that Target coupon at Target.

Publix store ad
Publix Super Deals from IHP

Food World store ad
Winn-Dixie store ad
Food Tiger store ad (comes out after 9am)
Barnes (you have to get the newspaper)

Of course, Target and CVS are great places for groceries too:
CVS Deals from Hip2Save
Target Deals from TotallyTarget

Last week at Target, I was able to get 8 cartons of cage-free organic brown eggs for $2.04 each. I never buy organic eggs because in my mustard seed of faith I trust God to neutralize all the bad stuff regular eggs have been putting in my body for years.* But there comes a point when you have to just blow the extra dollar and make a change. I was so excited that I bought something organic I gave 3 away. I'm not sure if this price is the regular price (hope it is!) since there was no sale or clearance sign.

Actually, I feel a nudging (well more like a push) to really make changes in our diet. Anyone know where I can borrow that Food, Inc movie. It's been a year since I heard about it. I think I'm ready to watch it, as long as I can snack on some Doritos during the movie.

Have a great shopping week, everybody!

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