Monday, August 9, 2010

NEW Market Pantry Target Coupons

We just enjoyed eating Target's Market Pantry 3-Cheese Pizza. One pizza for 4 little kids is a great deal. Target has new coupons for their other pizzas- Archer Farms frozen or the make-and-take ($1 Target PRINT). They also have these:

$1 off produce (no restrictions!)
$1 off Market Pantry ice cream
$1 off any Market Pantry frozen seafood (fishsticks too!)
$0.50 off any Market Pantry bread
Also lots of Merona coupons

$3 Merona footwear
$2 Merona women's apparel
$3 Merona men's top
$2 women's belt (any brand)
$3 adult denim
$2 kid's denim
Hurry up and print. These coupons never stay long. I found that grey Merona shirt for $3.76 a couple of weeks ago. So, only $0.76 after a $3 coupon. You will have to look hard, but you'll find a great deal!

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