Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Garden Update: Use Coffee Grounds for Compost

It turns out that coffee grounds are among the worst things that you can put in a landfill. It heats up the trash which makes more methane gas... basically cooks the trash. But you can't recycle coffee grounds. So what's a green coffee lover to do? Mix it into garden soil!

It turns out that coffee grounds are among the BEST things you can put into the soil. It heats up the soil producing good nutrients in the soil. And you can even get extra coffee grounds for FREE at any Starbucks. They have a basket where they put a bag that looks like this. It does have coffee filters in there, too.

Here is how our garden looks like. When we transferred the plants from the pots they were only half the size. I even cut off about a foot off the top. Now it looks like a wild jungle. It's fun watching it grow every time it rains!

I chose to plant cherry tomatoes because I don't have enough patience to wait for them to get bigger.
These begonias were starters I got for Mother's Day. They are still hanging in there. I'm not sure how to take care of them (or most of the plants we have).

These are periwinkles, I think. Next time, I'm just getting these for borders. They are hardy flowers!

We have 6 basil plants all started from seeds from a friend's plant.
The thing I like least about gardening is BUGS. I try to support life and rarely kill them. As long as they don't bite me, nobody gets hurt.

Is it a moth or a butterfly?

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