Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wal-Mart Cheap Seasonal Fruits

Every extreme couponing convert soon stops paying Wal-Mart a visit. There are too many deals to be had elsewhere. But when it comes to produce and meats price-matching, Wal-Mart is still the one-shop wonder. My shopping trip came out to $30.50 which is more than I spend at Publix on one trip. I do miss eating real food and it's hard to find coupons for fresh fruits and veggies.

Best deals to price-match:
eggs, $0.99, Winn-Dixie
green grapes, $0.88/lb, Winn-Dixie
10-lb bag of potatoes, $2.50, Barnes
green onions, $0.50, Barnes
Roma tomatoes, $0.69/lb, Barnes
peaches $0.79/lb Publix
Vidalia onions 3lb bag, $1.99, Barnes*
*I got yellow since they didn't have Vidalia

Wal-Mart had their own great deals:
huge seedless watermelon, $2.50
Rainier cherries, $2.28 (really great price!)
strawberries, 1lb, $1.88
cucumber $0.50 each
classic Pringles, $1 (-$1off 4 from 6/6 PG)
CWP canola oil, $2.12 (some no-name label, but oil is oil right?)
Great Value 1 lb butter, $2.08

Also, look for Woolite in the endcap. It's in a plastic bag package instead of a bottle. Only $5 for 30 loads and they have a $3 coupon peelie. So only $2 for great detergent!

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  1. She's baaaaa---aaaccck! Glad to see ya did not fall off the planet (but then again it IS round so ya couldn't fall off right???????) ha ha ha
    Sounds like you got some good deals. Missed ya


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