Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Publix Super Shopping 3.24.10

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This afternoon, amidst the rush hour traffic, we braved Publix, more so because I was dying to find out if Chocolate Cheerios was part of the BOGO deal! YES they are! Since I tried them at a friend's house, I knew that this would soon be my favorite cereal. I snagged six boxes since they were only $0.50 each after Qs. Some (maybe one) will be donated and there is plenty more at the store.

The total was $114.76 before sales & coupons. BUT I only forked over $26.45, saving 77%, Yay!

Here's my shopping list:
10 Bird's Eye Steamfresh, 5c or 7c each
4 Int'l Delight Coffee Creamers, $0.45 each
3 Philly Cheese, $1 each
2 Strawberries, free after raincheck & Q
2 Sara Lee Pound Cake, $1.89 each
10 Kraft Cheese, $0.67 each
6 Chocolate Cheerios, $0.50 each
about 10 lbs sweet potatoes, $3.86
about 2 lbs asparagus, $3.78

We splurged on the cream cheese ($3 for 3 and no coupons!) and I was stocking up on the sweet potatoes and asparagus. (They're headedto the freezer). You can't beat the price on the cheese, and I might get more later. They put a new $2/2 blinkie so there's plenty of coupons to go around. I'll post pictures later, I just wanted to make sure to give you all a head's up. These deals are outstanding, so stock-up!

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