Thursday, January 7, 2010

Barnes Weekly Deals Jan 6-11

Here are the best deals that I see for this week:

$0.69 Shawnee flour 5lb w/ $25 purchase
$0.69 Flavorite sugar 4lb w/ $25 purchase
(I've price-matched this deal at Wal-Mart with their Great Value flour and sugar, even if their sugar is 5lbs. Just ask first if they will match it.)

$0.89/lb chicken drumstick or thighs, jumbo pack
$1.50 Carolina Pride ground turkey, 1lb roll
$0.99 fuji apples in 2lb bag
$0.99 vidalia green onions, bunch
$0.50 each jumbo green pepper
$0.50 each cucumber
$1.19 Fresh Express cole slaw, 1lb
$1.50 grapfruit, 3lb bag

$1.50 Progresso soups (use $1 off 3 PRINT)
$2 Nabisco Saltines, 16oz
*Publix and Winn -Dixie have tearpad Qs for $1 off when you buy soup & crackers

$2 Crystal Light 6-8qts or on the go
$2 100 Calorie Nabisco oreo or chips ahoy
*Use $2 off Q when you buy crystal light & 100cal nabisco

$1.25 Uncle Bens rice mix, chicken & vegetables
$1.50 Old Orchard Healthy Balance juice, 64 oz
$1 Act 11 Microwave popcorn 8.6-9.9 oz
$5 Mahatma long grain rice, 5lb bag
$0.50 Campbell's chicken noodle soup
$4.50 Crisco Olive Oil, 16.9 oz (use $1 PRINT)
$1.50 Flavorite frozen veggies, 2lb bag: broc cuts, mixed, green peas, corn
$1.50 Yoplus or Fiber One Yoplait yogurt (use $1 PRINT)

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