Monday, December 14, 2009

Target Shopping Trip 12.11.09

I stopped by Target Saturday because my receipt showed that the Boggle coupon I used did not get deducted. While there, I bought 12 cans of veggies for $0.32 each after Qs. But, this week, Target has Del Monte vegs for $0.50. Use this $1 off 4 coupon to get them for $0.25 each! Mott's is still $0.89 with Target's $1 off Q. And Coffeemate is $1.50 and I used $1 off print Qs.

Ok, this is what I need to tell you about Target receipts: they stink! Beware if you use coupons for store promos. It's with these that I often have problems. It looks like the coupon is taken off but then it adds it back to your total. So if you can, buy these promo deals on a separate transaction. And bring a calculator when doing returns. My cashier had a hard time finding one. She did finally see the error and gave me a $5 bill back for my trouble.

Hasbro games are on sale. This week again, buy at least $10 worth and get a FREE card game. Use coupons, like $5 off from last week's USA weekend or other print Qs to get them cheaper. Just check the receipt to make sure your total is right!

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