Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Greer's Weekly Deals Dec 2-Dec 8

$1.88/lb boneless shoulder beef roast, family pack
$2.98/lb boneless top sirloin steaks, family pack
$1.68/lb 1/4 sliced boneless pork loin
$4.88 fresh fryer quarter legs, 10lb bag

$2.50 Dole Salad Blends (cheaper at Food World)
$1.78/lb red grapes
$1.50 Best Choice flour 5lb bag (store brand)
$2 Best Choice Sugar, 4lb
$0.38/lb cabbage
$1.50 Onions, 3lb bag
3 for $5 Ragu Pasta Sauce ($1/2 Q from 11-15 RP, may be regional Q)
$3 Florida's Natural Orange Juice, 64 oz ($1 Q from 11-22)
3/$5 Kellogg's Froot Loops or Rice Krispies

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