Sunday, December 13, 2009

CVS Super Shopping 12.13.09

Total cost before coupons: $15.05
Total spent: $0+tax ($1.05), got $14 ECBs

I picked up my free stuff at CVS this morning. Don't forget you'll have until Tuesday to do the same. It's not much but extra gift labels, tissue and bows for the price of tax is a great deal.

I didn't know CVS has deals for seasonal items until this year. Before, I always went to Wal-Mart for everything. Not anymore. So, instead of waiting for after-Christmas clearance, I can get them now when I would need it. Having a limit of 2 keeps me from being a packrat, too.

There were glitches (1st day of deals). Some of the items I bought (like white tissue paper and smaller bows) did not give me back ECBs. Even though there was a sale sticker in the box, the Qs didn't print at the register. I think they haven't finished putting them all in the system. Good thing I caught it on my receipt at the parking lot. Of course, the cashier was quick to fix the error. Which is why I love CVS! No waiting for a manager. She knew what to do and I left as a happy camper.

Always check your receipt! (And I know that's easier said than done when you are shopping with kids. That's why I've started packing them a lunchbox filled with goodies for the shopping trips. It's not bribing- it's keeping them occupied.)

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