Monday, December 14, 2009

Be A Santa To A Senior

We all know the Angel Tree at Christmas time. But at Wal-Mart, I saw a tree near the non-food entrance with these paper notes: Be a Santa to a Senior. I picked up one for a lady asking for toiletries. We can surely do that! With all the stockpile from CVS and Walgreens, toiletry gift bags is my gift-giving niche.

I have been thinking about baking something for my elderly neighbors. I'm not sure if they are diabetic or have other medical conditions. Since I don't know them well, I didn't want to just go up to them and ask health questions. But toiletries, I can think up on my own. And it wouldn't cost me anything.

So if your budget is holding you back from holiday giving, think outside the box. As for me, I think it was God's way of honoring a heart's desire to do something more this holiday. I really want to do Toys for Tots or Angel Tree, but I'm not finding the right deals. I didn't think about seniors needing everyday items we take for granted. So this is an exciting way to give!

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