Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Food World Deals, Oct 21-27

Food World has a great 10 for $10 sale this week. And it looks like these can all be price-matched at Wal-Mart or even Target! Remember to only match brand name and specific size items at Customer Service at Target. Also have the ad with you. At Wal-mart, you can match produce and store brands and match at the register (I like Wal-mart better for price-matching. Unless there is a Target coupon I can stack then Target is the obvious choice.)

Go here to view the sales ad.

Also, 5% off for Military on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Just show your ID!

10 for $10 Sale:
$1/lb Split Chicken Breast, Family Pack
$1/lb Pork Sirloin Chops, Family Pack
$1/lb Gala Apples
$1 Iceberg Lettuce
$1 Little Debbie snacks, 8-16 oz (oatmeal creme, nutty bars, honey buns, pecan spinwheels, swiss cake rolls)
$1 Kraft Salad Dressing, 8oz
$1 Best Choice Cream Cheese, 8 oz (match with Great Value Brand at Wal-Mart)

Also on sale:
$3.99 Community Coffee, dark, medium, between, New Orleans blend
$2 Jimmy Dean Bacon
$1.99/lb USDA Choice Angus Beef Whole Brisket
$1.99/lb Center Cut Bone-In Porkloin chops
$1/59/lb Ground beef, 75% or less, Family Pack
$1.39/lb Assorted Porkchops, Family Pack
3 for $1 Double Luck Green Beans, 14.5 oz can (match with Great Value Brand at Wal-Mart)
$0.50 Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
$1.99 Stouffer's Dinners 6-20 oz

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