Saturday, September 19, 2009

Willife Sanctuary Open House Today

Celebrate WILDFest at the Wildlife Sanctuary today from 12pm-3:30pm. See the Mullet Wrapper article about it here. Get directions from here.
This event is FREE! Some activities include:
*Feed the Pelicans (may cost $1)
*Wildlife games
*Tour of zoo
*Hotdog and bake sale
*"Things that go HOOT in the night" presentation
Also, bring items for the Baby Shower (for baby animals that is!)
Supply Drive Items include tissues, paper towels, laundry soap, fresh fruit and veggies, science diet kitten growth and puppy growth, Purina puppy chow, Cheerios, animal crackers, ceramic pet bowls, fresh or frozen fish, pecans or peanuts shelled or unshelled, baby blankets, grocery gift cards, first class stamps and monetary gifts are welcome.

The Wildlife Sanctuary is AMAZING! They are a hospital for injured wild animals. The animals are then released back into the wild when they are better. But if it is not possible to release them, they stay in the sanctuary. Some animals we've seen there are bald eagles, grey foxes, owls, hawks, turkey vultures and more. The pelican station is an open pond for injured pelicans. And they can just fly away when they are better.
If you have not been there you definitely want to stop by today. They are also open during the week. But it is only during these Open House events are the public allowed to feed the pelicans and hold some baby animals.

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