Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CVS Deals and Shopping, Sept 26

This Sunday, we ended up leaving Church promptly after service. Hubby was feeling ill. But bless his heart, he still wanted to stop by CVS! It wouldn't be quite Sunday without a short CVS stop. Since the scenario I made for the PG deal required some coupons from the Sunday paper, I needed to buy it there. But unfortunately, the newspaper man has been late in his delivery and, alas, no papers!

So, I did the candy-DVD deal instead.

Buy 4 Hersheys Candy Bags, $2o
Get $15 coupon off Monsters Vs. Aliens DVD

You can also purchase Coke products for this deal, too. However, if you are planning to stock-up on Halloween candy, buy the ones pictured in the sales ad. I bought a different bag (within the same size restriction) priced at $8.99. No coupon printed afterwards. Before you know it, the store manager was already giving me the refund and made the coupon print. Thanks Toni! These gals are always so helpful.

A cashier told me that her house isn't well-visited by trick-or-treaters. If yours is the same case, consider donating to Halloween alternatives like Trunk-or-Treat and Fall Festivals. My kids love going to these. And we always feel safer getting candy there since our neighborhood is only so-so when it comes to safety.

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