Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Sickness

Summer and sickness should never be in the same sentence, but I guess germs don't know this. My son got sick with a sore throat Friday and couldn't finish the last day of his VBS (2nd this summer!) See him trying to get in on a picture of shopping finds. We have not heard his expert special sound effects the whole weekend. And big sister has been quiet too, not having little brother to quarrel and play with. Back-to-back VBS and sickness equals less posts. That's why I've been so quiet all week!

I tried not to panic with Day 3 of fever. It was Sunday so the peds office is closed. Maybe I'm not a good mom for letting him go this long without visiting the doctor. What if he needs antibiotics? Then that afternoon, my self-loathing ended. I caught a cold and my throat started tickling. Why is the mom-munization not working? I'm the mom so I shouldn't get sick! They say God works in mysterious ways. I'm just glad my prayer was answered. Now that my son got me sick, I know he has a VIRUS! Daddy gave him some Advil at 3am, since I was knocked out with my head cold. (I feel like a few hours of stolen sleep during the boy's infancy was just given back to me!)

And this morning, no fever! The sound effects have started again, but only in whispers. So I shall try my best to savor this quiet, trying my best to tune out the Magic School Bus. And maybe take some Zicam or some other FREE meds thanks to CVS and Walgreens.

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