Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Publix Super Shopping 7/28

After a nice, long visit with family friends, we stopped by target at Orange Beach to fill the fridge this week with a few staples and fruit. While there, I wanted to spend $50 before coupons so we could submit for the Kraft Full Plate Rebate. Without a shopping list (a rarity for me) it took me a good hour to fill up the cart! My shopping "list" was my coupons. So I was trying to buy for the coupons that I had. It was not fun. So even if I have to sit in the car for 10 minutes to organize a quick list I will definitely do that next time.

Hubby and the kids found the magazine/books section and entertained themselves. I was free to wander up and down the aisles praying, "Oh God please help me find what I need so I can get out of here." (A real struggle on my own at an expensive store like Publix.) But we still made out ok. I paid $36.32 using $24.39 in store and manufacturer coupons. We would have spent $79 before sales and coupons. And after getting $10 back for the rebate, our savings is 67%.

I paid $11.16 for these items to get the Kraft $10 Rebate. So it will cost me $1.16 after the rebate. Thanks Frugal Fairhope! (See their list of other Rebates here.) And I had no coupons for any of these but a coupon "fairy" left two $1 Parmesan cheese coupons. Thank you!

We rarely buy organic (unless it's Kashi because it's on sale so often). But since we've been saving a bit of our $100/week budget, it felt good to use the savings on these luxuries. They were still on sale or had great coupons though and I only spent $10 for all of these FREE Apple and Eve drinks!($1 off in Greenwise mag & $.50 off in Smart Summertime Savings)
$1.66 Newman's Own Organic Raisins
$2.59 Stonyfield Yogurt ($1 off in Organic booklet)
$2.89 Horizon Organic Milk ($1 off in Greenwise mag)

And we bought a lot of fruit ($8.50) and veggies ($4.70), Ronzoni Smart Pasta (only $1.25 each), Activa ($1.50), 3 Salt and Pepper (3/$1.20) and FREE Cascade. Bacon and sausage for $5. The bacon looks bad so I have to return it tomorrow :(

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  1. Hi! I just wantED to make sure that you were aware of the $5/$50 in the Island Clipper-Located at the fronted of the store with all of the local magazines. OB is where I "started" my Publix shopping...so I am very familiar with their store and policies. ;) They also accept CVS qS($5/20) and Walgreen's RRs.


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