Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Publix Deals July 1 - July 7

Frugal for You is proud to be part of the Grocery Gathering! It is a collection of the best deals in national and local grocery and drugstores. You will also find Frugal For You's Food World, and Winn-Dixie Deals in the Grocery Gathering. I love finding the coupon match-ups there... less work for me. Try I Heart Publix to know where to look for the coupons. You may also view Publix's ads at their website for a complete list of BOGO items and Essentials.

Here are the best deals this week: (If you want better prices on meat this week, check out the Wal-Mart price-match list here. But if you are keen on shopping at Publix, then their prices are just a tad higher this week. However, using $10 off $50 WD or other competitor coupons would even out the costs.
$1.99/lb Pork steak
$0.99/lb chicken thighs or drumsticks
$1.69/lb prok spare ribs
$2.49/lb bottom round roast
$1.99/lb cherries
$2.50 FL Natural orange juice, 64 oz carton
$2.99 Rico Long Grain Rice, 5lb
$1.25 Philly Cream Cheese oz brick
$1.25 Breakstone's sour cream, 16 oz
$2 Kraft cheese: shreds, block, cube or cracker cut 5-8oz
$1.50 Kraft American cheese singles, 12 oz
$0.50 Yoplait yogurt
$1.50 Heluva Good! sour cream dip, 12 oz

$0.50 Publix 2L soda
$2.50 V8 100% veg or Fusion, 48 oz
BOGO Hi-C fruit drink 2 for $2.43

Bread and Cereal
BOGO Special K 11.4-14 oz or Raisin Bran 20 oz
BOGO Thomas English muffins 2 for $2.99
$0.99 Publix hamburger and hotdog buns, 8 ct

$2 Heinz Ketchup 40 oz
BOGO A1-Steak 10 oz, 2 for $4.29
BOGO Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce 2 for $2.29
BOGO Kraft or Seven Seas salad dressing, 2 for $3.07

Frozen foods and snacks
$2.50 Publix Ice Cream and frozen yogurt, half gallon
BOGO Sheer Bliss ice cream 2 for $4.99
BOGO Diana's Bananas Banana 2 for $4.49
BOGO Cool-Whip8 oz, 2 for $2.07
BOGO Luigi's 24 or 36 oz 2 for $2.99
$2 Jell-O snack, pudding or gelatin, 6 pk
BOGO Hershey's Chocolate Syrup 2 for $2.25
$1.50 Smucker's ice cream toppings
$5.50 California Pizza
$4 Red Barron Pizza

$1.99 Nabisco baked snack crackers
BOGO Cheez-It 2 for $4.09
BOGO Lays Potato Chips, 10-14 oz, 2 for $3.99
BOGO Orville Red. popcorn 2 for $4.89
BOGO M&Ms chocolate candies 2 for $4.69
BOGO Famous Amos Cookies 12 oz, 2 for $3.69
BOGO Bush's baked Beans 2 for $2.37
BOGO Hunts Tomatoes 14.5 oz, 2 for $1.39
BOGO Chatham Village Croutons 2 for ?
BOGO Kraft Mac n' Cheese dinner (use B3G1 print)
BOGO Oscar Mayer Lunchables 2 for $2 (use -$1 off 2 print)
$5.99 Coppertone Sunscreen Products, 3-8 oz
BOGO Bic Superstart Lighter 2 for $3.49
$6.49 Quilted Northern 12 pk
$6.49 Brawny 8ct paper towel
BOGO Reynolds Wrap 75 sqft., 2 for $4.39

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