Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greer's Weekly Deals July 1- July 7

Greer's is on Hwy 98 at Bauer Road, before Lillian AL. Call them at 850-455-2719 for directions. I've been there once or twice. It's a small, clean, and tucked away grocery store. Their vegetables and meats are typically a great value.

However, I usually price-match their sales at Wal-Mart instead of shopping there. Print their
weekly ad if you plan to do this. Their ads sometimes do not make it in the Weds newspaper. The cashier may give you a hard time if they do not have a copy of the weekly ad to verify.

Here are the best deals for this week:


$1.99/lb ground beef (cheaper at Food World)
$1.18/lb whole Boston butt pork roast
$1.99/lb boneless bottom or round beef roast
$1.98/lb boneless skinless chicken breast (cheaper at Food World)
$1.49/lb pork steaks or finger ribs
$2.68/lb ribeye roast (Fri-Sun only)
$12.98 asstd. pork chops 10 lb box (Fri-Sun only)
$0.88/lb fryer breast portions (Fri-Sun only)
$18.98 chuck ground 10 lb box (Fri-Sun only)

$3.98 each watermelon (Fri-Sun only)
$0.98/lb home grown tomatoes (Fri-Sun only)
$0.50 each green bell pepper (great price!)
$0.98/lb eastern peaches
$1.50 potatoes, 5 lb bag
$1.50 yellow onions, 3lb bag
$1.50 each cantaloupe

$1.50 Kraft American singles 12 oz
$0.98 Philly cream cheese 8 oz brick
$0.98 Cool-Whip 8 oz
$0.78 golden bake hamburger, hotdog buns, 8 ct
$3 Reser's Potato Salad, 3 lb tub
$2 King's Hawaiian rolls 12 ct
$0.88 Hunt's Ketchup 24 oz
3/$5 Kraft salad dressing 16 oz
$2 Red Diamond Tea, 1 gallon

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