Friday, May 22, 2009

Winn-Dixie Deals, May 20- May 26

I enjoy shopping at Winn-Dixie for sales and coupon hunts and to use WIC checks. Sometimes I just go through the aisles to look for coupons and get a couple of each. They have blinkies (coupon dispenser), peelies (peel off the actual product package), tearpads, and little recipe booklets with coupons. These are usually manufacturers coupons so you can use them at other stores like Walmart or Publix. I wait until the items on the coupons goes on sale BOGO for extra savings.

*WIC Alert: Kraft Block Cheese and Special K Cereal are BOGO.
Just double the amount of cheese blocks and cereal boxes you normally get and use the WIC coupons as usual. The register automatically adjusts the prices (the free item rings up $0).

$0.99/lb Fresh Split Chicken Breast
$1.99/lb Fresh Ground Beef, any size
40% off Steak Sale, look below:
$2.87/lb Chuck, Bottom Round, Top Round, Cubed, Sirloin Tip, Chuck Tender (all boneless steaks)
$3.11/lb Boneless Eye Round Steak
$2.39/lb Bone-In Chuck Steaks
$2.63 Boness Round Steaks
$3.59 Boneless Chuck Eye Steaks

$0.20 each Fresh Corn in the Husk
$1.50 Mushroom, 80z
$1.99/lb Peaches
2/$0.99 Cucumbers
$2.99/lb Fresh Red Cherries
$1 Frozen Bird's Eye Vegetables, even Steamfresh, 12-16 oz
BOGO Arnold 100% Whole Wheat or 12 Grain, 24 oz ($1.85 each)
BOGO Sara Lee Hot dog, Hamburger Buns,, 8 count ($1.40 each)

BOGO Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip,24 squeeze or 32 oz bottle ($2.50 each)
BOGO Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce, 18 oz ($2.50 each)
$2.50 A1 Steak Sauce or Marinades, 10 or 16 oz
$0.88 Kraft BBQ Sauce, 18 oz
$1.77 Kraft Salad Dressing, 14-16 oz
3/$5 Ragu Pasta Sauce, 26 oz ($1.67 each)
$1 Barilla Pasta, 13.25-16 oz, not lasagna (includes Whole Wheat)

BOGO Ball Park Franks, 14-16 oz, Turkey or Original ($1.50 each)
BOGO Kraft Cheese, 6-8oz, blocks, shreds, crumbles ($1.85 each)
$1.50 Kraft American singles, selected variety, 10.7-12 oz
BOGO Oscar Mayer Combo Variety Pack, 16 oz ($2.30 each)
BOGO Eckrich Lunchmeat, 12 oz ($2.15 each)
BOGO Eckrich Beef Bologna, Smok-y Breakfast Sausage ($1.50 each)

$1 Breakstone's Sour Cream, 16 oz
$1.25 Philly Cream Cheese, 8oz brick
$1 Breakstone's Cottage Doubles, 5.5 oz
$2 Cool Whip aerosol, 7oz

*Other items were on clearance. I went to the Innerarity store and found these:
$0.64 or $0.99 some Glade aerosol sprays
$1.74 some Glade Refills, different kinds, even scented oil candles
$3.99 some Febreze Noticeables Kit
$1.74 Clorox Green Works Spray
$3.99 Cascade Complete Bleach Dishwasher Detergent, 75 oz

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