Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunday Reflections

Rethinking Time

Always running out of time... where did time go? Our culture has something negative and sad to say about time. And no one feels time crunch more often than moms. We never seem to have enough time, even with our super cape on!

So, today, I was completely stopped in my tracks when I read Ex 12:1, "This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year."(NIV) God was leading the Israelites out of Egypt. He was giving them a new calendar along with their new life. And the pastor was explaining it a bit with other wonderful insights. My thoughts, though, parked here and pondered God's time. I guess, He could just give them a new calendar. I never thought about that.

What a way to start over! To be given a fresh start with a new timeline, a complete break with the past. And I used to just get haircuts to mark a change in my life. Perhaps the secret to having New Year's Resolutions that stick is to have a new calendar not just a new year!

And God does not complain about time. After all, He created it! Maybe the key to rethinking time is to stop feeling negative about it. So what if we are running short on time? There is a time for everything. Some say we need quantity time not just quality time with our children. But why not just capture time by cherishing every moment.

I have resolved that a balanced life is just a mirage. I'd rather not chase after this illusion. I would rather enjoy the now of God's timing. Because we have only so much time, some activities will have to go. But what remains can give us the best time of our lives.

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