Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Winn-Dixie

Tuesdays is Rent One Get One Free at our local Friendly Video Rentals (off Blue Angel and Hwy 98). Which is next to Winn-Dixie. I only needed some hotdogs and buns... but I got carried away. Unfortunately, after my kids and hubby were done filling up water jugs ($0.30/gallon at the Glacier machine) and picking up movies and waiting 30 minutes in the car, my husband was not excited that I saved $109. Sorry honey!

So I would have spent $153.32. Instead I spent $44.88. That's 71% savings! My coupons were $28.46 and store savings were $86.54. I lost $4.59 in coupons because the manager would not take it. That's ok. I'll use them at Wal-Mart.

Go to http://coupons.com/ to get many Kraft coupons. Please do not sign-up for anything! Just click on the coupons, install the printer thing, and then click print. Usually the print limit is 2 per computer. (Print more with your other computers) I print mine black and white using the quick print option and have not had any problems with cashiers scanning them.

5 packs Split Chicken Breast ($4.75 or so each)
4 Wheat Thins (BOGO, $3.59 for 2)
4 Crystal Light (BOGO, $4.99 for 2)
6 Ball Park Hotdogs (BOGO, $2.99 for 2)
6 Sara Lee Hotdog Buns (BOGO, $2.79 for 2)
1 Mc Cormick Grillmates ($1)
1 Febreze Noticeables Kit ($3.50)
2 Smucker Toppings ($1.39 each)
1 Bird's Eye Steamfresh Meals for Two ($6)
*Scroll down to see what I ended up paying for these items!

The chicken will last us for six weeks! The hotdogs are for summer grilling. And the drinks and crackers are for our Hurricane supply. I used coupons from this month's papers and tear-off coupons had at the store.

In fact, right now, Walmart has a booklet of tear-off coupons:
-$2 off when you buy Crystal Light and Wheat Thins together
-$1 off Ritz crackers
Winn-Dixie has tear-off coupons for different breads:
-FREE Sara Lee hotdog buns when you buy 2 Ball Park hotdogs
-FREE Cobblestone Mill item when you buy 2 Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meat
-FREE Whitewheat Buns when you buy 1 LLoyd's BBQ Tub

Some deal highlights:
2 Skin Effects Crystal Light, FREE
2 Crystal Light and 2 Wheat Thins, $1.58
2 Wheat Thins Artisan, $3.59 (not allowed to use coupon)
6 Ball Park Hotdogs, $9
6 Sara Lee Hotdog Buns, FREE
2 Smuckers, $1.68
1 Grillmates, FREE
1 Steamfresh for Two, $4 (this was lunch!)

This is the first time I've had problems with this Winn-Dixie. They have a new Center Store Manager who reasoned my coupons were not working because I could not stack it with a store promotion. He said because the Wheat Thins were already BOGO, that's why my $1 off coupon was not working. I never strong arm the manager and this case was no exception. In my experience, you always get back what you lose as long as you stay diligent. Plus I amused the cashier and old gentleman behind me with my $109 savings!

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